The Company: APOGEE is a multi-professional and well-established travels and tours company with experience and policy transparency. Its establishment came because of a genuine need for value added services that will bring forth expected professionalism for sustainable satisfaction of our clients. We are experts in every minor detail of travel plan, and we have a strong work-force base, yet we are open to perfectibility since meeting the needs of our clients is our lifeline!

We set out to match the yearnings of travellers (business, pleasure, and studies) for professional expertise. Our pledge is that we will ‘deliver’ you hassle-free to your various destinations via proactive guidance of your itinerary planning and/or visa processing. No matter where you want to travel to – national or international – we offer the best class service to you.  Our services are prompt and way more convenient.

People continue to benefit from our exceedingly efficient services. We label ourselves as leading, innovative, and highly efficient and look forward to demonstrating these qualities, thereby showcase our enthusiasm and commitment, making available to you a memorable trip just as you have envisioned.

We pride ourselves on our integrity as we offer expertise that is backed by a deeply ethical and service focused approach to solutions delivery.

At APOGEE, we do not just send you on a journey, we take you on YOUR journey!

The merits of using APOGEE for your travel and tour are in getting our best services that meet your competitive expectations.

At APOGEE, you meet trusted personnel with exceptional abilities to think along your unique requests to create a travel and tour package that will enable you to experience different services, which are far better than you have previously experienced elsewhere.

We provided high standard services at affordable prices.

We receive informed messages (phone, email, text, WhatsApp) on reservations and tickets, including timely information on impromptu changes on airline/flight fares and policies.

Help you to avoid pitfalls in your visa applications.

Prevent inadvertent breach of visa/immigration laws and regulations, which change from time to time, without prior notice.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, confidentiality, timeliness, and proven track record of success cum customers’ satisfaction.

We strive to ensure our clients’ expectations are met optimally.

APOGEE seeks to become a centre of excellence in the Travels and Tours Consultancy business by rendering efficient and effective services, assuring our clients overwhelming success.

To provide iconic services and enhance professional excellence among Travel and Tourism practitioners; offering our clients the best mental services, loyalty, interest, and that degree of efficiency which our clients may expect. Since we hold our clients as our priority, we shall continually deliver unparalleled services beyond their expectations.

  • Professional Excellence: identifying the pressing needs of the industry and incorporating innovations as required by the present dynamic world.
  • Optimal Service Delivery: providing multi-faceted solutions by employing expertise of hands-on personnel and adopting best practices to meet clients’ satisfactions.
  • Collaboration: partnering with industry practitioners to promote and sustain professional excellence through integrated synergy across the Travel and Tours industry without borders